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Towards a Data driven Enterprise

Customer Story: LCM


LCM chooses to integrate the data out of it’s large enterprise application landscape to serve two main goals:

  • KYC : create a 360 degree view on the CM member(s)
  • Management reporting : create financial and operational insights to prepare for new services towards the members, based on smart data


First phase (DWH extension) included :

  • member onboarding analysis
  • electronic document management
  • insurance analysis
  • CRM analysis
  • geographical analysis (GIS)


Epic Data activities:

  • Support LCM management reporting
    • Develop the corporate DWH initiative
    • Develop the management reporting layer
    • Support the local reporting teams within the network


The Second phase will activate the organisational aspects of the data driven enterprise (governance and culture), and will initiate the “augmented analytics phase” where data science techniques will augment the business value of the insights.  Next to that, data will drive LCM’s strategic objectives, and create a more personalized experience for it’s members.


Lessons learned during this project (so far) :

  • MDM systems are of great help during this type of exercise
  • on-premise towards cloud strategy is needed
  • BICC is essential to install the data-driven culture
  • Change management cannot be under-estimated, and therefor this type of project needs buy-in from the top


Technology scope :

  • Oracle RDBMS
  • SAP BODS data transformation
  • SAP BI reporting
  • SAS advance analytics / data science


  • Create a omnichannel data organization
  • Setup a modern data platform to facilitate innovative services for the members
  • A real-time platform, integrated with all front office channels
  • Creation of real-time intelligence on member profiles


Let's start our Data Journey Together.