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Kontich, Belgium

What does it take?

As a member of our Strategy and Advisory Team, you will help reinvent organisations and build business value thanks to resilient industry-specific data architectures, as well as cost-efficient and flexible cloud and data solutions. You will guide customers throughout the digital data journey, and design a technology and data ecosystem strategy that lays a future-ready foundation for further development.


  • You will assist in data journey designs for our key customers.
  • You will lead workshops where business and ICT topics will be addressed.
  • You will build and implement data strategies that will help enhance business performance.
  • You will co-create data products
  • You are committed to develop specialized expertise - strategic, industry, functional, technical - in a diverse project environment that offers multiple opportunities for career growth and personal development.


  • Bachelor's degree in Science/IT/Computing
  • 3-5 year IT experience.
  • You have excellent analytical skills and a proven track record of delivering projects.
  • You have impressive knowledge of the evolving digital landscape, disruptive technologies and trends in technology strategy
  • you are able to address priority C-suite issues with precision and speed.


  • Competent in verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
  • Willingness to contribute time and effort to work assigned.
  • Motivated to learn new tools and technologies.
We don't build a Business.

We build People. And then People build the Business.

We live in challenging times. New technological developments are dominoing at an accelerating pace. Entire economic sectors are being transformed. Appropriate creativity combined with the right knowledge and experience is therefore necessary to quickly come up with solutions. It is a matter of being in the game, keeping pace and making a difference.


This is exactly what Epic Data seeks to do: help people grow & assist companies in find creative, high quality, profitable ways to make the most of potential of new analytics technologies. Our approach enables companies to get the most out of existing investments while also deriving competitive advantage from new technological opportunities.

In-depth specific knowledge is obtained by carrying out proof-of-concept projects in close cooperation with customers. We stand side-by-side with the customer for the necessary change management in dialogue with the ‘business’ as well as during the well-oiled roll-out of the follow-up projects in collaboration with the company’s own IT department.

We see it as a welcome challenge to elevate our employees and to work with our customers to transform knowledge and expertise into strategic solutions.

We are Personal & Professional Growth Accelerators

Becoming our Colleague means being part of a data Analytics Community that shapes the future of Data Driven Organisations.