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Seamless Integration, Amplified Outcomes.

Supporting mergers & acquisitions with Qlik Data Integration.


Solution Highlight

If mergers or acquisitions require your company to frequently onboard new data sources: forget about time-consuming and expensive manual coding and instead use Qlik's industry-leading integration capabilities.
Automate, not code

Qlik generates the ETL code for you to make your new data sources analytics-ready.

Replicate from anywhere

Replicate moves your data easily, securely, and efficiently, no matter how heterogeneous your data landscape is.

Stay agnostic
In times of rapid evolving data architecture approaches, you better develop the foundation of your current and future data consumption scenarios vendor- and architecture agnostic.
Leverage the cloud

All major platforms are supported (Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Databricks) or just use Qlik Cloud®.


Qlik (Cloud) Data integration enables you to move, transform and unify data with one comprehensive platform.

Move your data in real time and deliver it analytics-ready through automated pipelines. Transform your data with graphical user interfaces and let the needed Push-down SQL code be generated for you.  

The Cloud DWH executes the code and transforms your raw data into user defined data models, data marts or fit-for-purpose datasets. This can all be done in a low-code/no-code fashion, but complex transformations based on your own SQL are supported as well. 

The built-in catalog and lineage capabilities will build trust in your data assets even in complex scenario’s. Each step from ingestion over transformation to consumption will be traceable and discoverable. Everything on just one platform. 

Let EpicData be your guide.

Your company has a wide variety of heterogeneous data sources, which continue <br> to expand over time? Then you definitely want to avoid those long and extensive projects to onboard these.