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A smooth and seamless upgrade of your SAP Business Objects environment.

SAP Business Objects Upgrade.

Solution Highlight

As Business Objects evolves and earlier versions reach the end of their lifespan, it is essential to maintain your BO environment and upgrade whenever necessary. The widely used 4.2 stack of Business Objects has stopped receiving mainstream support at the end of 2022, while priority one support will end in 2024. Older versions, such as 3.X and 4.1, are already out of support, with SAP recommending to upgrade a supported version. Upgrading a Business Objects environment with all its content and dependencies can be complex, but at Epic Data we can guide this process and ensure a smooth and seamless transition. 
Assessment & Planning

The first step is assessing the current environment and server setup. Then we determine the scope of the upgrade and outline the ideal setup for the newest configuration.


We upgrade Business Objects to a mature newer version of the tool and ensure that all crucial content is properly transferred from the old to the new system. 

Validating the content in the new system is a vital part of an upgrade. A big leap in versions may cause some features of your current system to work differently in the upgraded version. We take the time to make sure all content functions as expected.
Ongoing Support

Even after the upgrade, issues with some features of the Business Objects environment may arise. Ongoing monitoring is essential to guarantee that the environment continues to meet your business needs. Through Total Care, we continue to offer immediate support whenever a problem occurs.


Upgrading an existing environment is a complex endeavor, that requires a high level of technical knowledge like server requirements and version maturity. At Epic Data we possess that knowledge and can ensure a smooth upgrade, while eliminating risks like downtime or loss of content. Our team takes the time to assess your current system and determine the scope of the upgrade, creating a plan to ensure a successful outcome. We provide cost-effective solutions and ongoing support to ensure that your system remains stable and functional. 

It is important to note that upgrading from older versions that have been operational for years can bring additional challenges when upgrading to the newest version. Unexpected errors can arise with any upgrade, especially when skipping several Service Packs and Patches. Epic Data has a solution for this situation as well and has extensive experience in taking these big upgrade leaps. In situations like these, we like to schedule more time for the validation step. Validating the content properly while the migration takes place, will cut down on issues when the new platform is up and running and have it run more efficiently. 

After the upgrade, we check the behavior of the platform’s most important content. Do all of the documents still show the same values? Does every report feature from the old platform successfully transfer to the upgraded version? Only once we are satisfied that the documents are still working as expected, do we push them to production, so the new version can be used throughout the organization. 

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