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We Take You from Strategy to Execution

Our Advisory Data Roadmap is our method for working with you to lay the building blocks needed to create a successful, performance-data-driven organisation. Whether you're just getting started with crafting your first data products, need to expand the use of data, want to deepen your strategy and scale through the right technology. The Stardust methodology gives you the right tools, following a clear roadmap that also develops new skills and abilities.

Making Sure You Run a Modern Data Platform

Using our proven ‘modern data platform for analytics’ framework, Epic Data can assist you to create a robust, enterprise scale and industry leading data solution either on cloud or on premise. Our framework includes best practices for data collection, acquisition, curation, enrichment, mastering, distribution, and entitlement.


Aligning Corporate Strategy, Processes, People & Data Availability.

A Transformational Business Strategy must be “readily accessible, interpretable, and actionable” whenever necessary. A data-driven culture has to be consciously propagated throughout the organization, end-to-end.

Digital businesses all over the globe have acknowledged the importance of data accessibility and have embraced this culture within their business model to remain competitive. For late adopters or data-culture beginners, Epic Data will make sure they can more quickly adapt to a data-driven Business Strategy by aligning their core business goals with organizational Data Strategy goals. A data-driven Business Strategy will ideally combine the best practices of Data Science with the best practices of business for higher efficiency, better performance, more productivity, higher profits, and lower costs.


With an Eye for great & actionable Information Design

Our Information Design Teams go from blueprinting cloud-based data intelligence architectures to actionable data delivery & optimization. We rely heavily on Cloud Technology to design dashboardsdata products and analytical applications for large organizations with high business requirements. We are neither a research or a development lab, nor a traditional design firm. We are something in between and among and around these things: a way to work with clients that values transparency, optimism and joy as much as it does profit, impact, and damn good design …»

So Human Decision Making is Effectively Augmented.

Decision-making is getting better because we have giant volumes of data at our disposal today. Using always-on analytics Epic Data will let you take control of your future, using that data to project and predict. 

As with all systems, AI is tested rigorously before leaving the lab for potential faults. We make sure this doesn’t include harm it could cause to humans socially, ethically, or emotionally. Once AI leaves the lab, it can keep learning and changing so its potential for bias—and therefore harm— can grow. Epic Data will make sure AI technology,  is inclusive in its data and embraces diversity in its decisions, AI has the power to help humans make better decisions.


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